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Get Your Energy & Your Life Back

Would you like to feel amazing, like you can do anything... climb a mountain, travel the world, do the job you set your heart on, be a super Mom or Dad? Would you like to transform your energy levels and lead the life you dreamed of? It really is possible! I am proof that you can recover from chronic fatigue and live life the way you want to.

Do you sometimes wonder what happened, how did you get to this point?

Do you feel like you have been in a car wreck and completely physically broken? 

Does your brain feel like it has been drugged and you are moving in a fog?

Is your mind constantly on the go with unhelpful thoughts exhausting you mentally?

Have you simply hit rock bottom and you are on the couch unable to do the housework, look after your kids and do your job? 

Image of Moira Newiss

Are you struggling with debilitating symptoms like sleep problems, pain, brain fog, low mood, anxiousness, gut problems like IBS, blood sugar balance, thyroid or other and hormonal issues?


I'm guessing you are someone who clings to hope that there is a solution, you want your life back, you have dreams and your biggest desire is to get better and regain your energy

Well since you are reading this I'm sure you want to get started on your energy reboot. Now is the time to invest in your health and wellbeing and find the solution that works for you. Using nutrition and lifestyle changes that are scientifically validated and coaching techniques I can help you start your journey back to health.

I am Moira Newiss, a Registered Nutritional Therapist. Sports Nutritionist and Wellbeing Coach and I specialise in fatigue. Whether you have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or Long Covid, or fatigue related to a metabolic health problem like diabetes or heart disease or if you are an athlete who is struggling with over training syndrome or you just simply want to have more energyI can help you to reboot you energy and transform your life by finding the magic formula that works for you to get your energy back.

You don't need a specific diet or a particular supplement, you need a plan that fits with your life and the coaching to help you put it in place and stick to it.

Take the first step by clicking the box below to book a free call with me so we can have a chat about what will help you reboot your energy and transform your life.

Written Just For You!

My most up to date blog posts that might help you on your energy reboot.

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Book a Free 30 Minute Call With Me

Find out how I can help you to transform you life and reboot your energy.

It can feel like you don't know what to try next, like nothing works and there are no answers. You may have already tried a range of therapies and diets. I make sure that I personalise my advice so that it works for you. We work together to create a plan that fits your life circumstances and will help you achieve your personal health goals.


What My Clients Say About Me..

"I was off work, suffering with Long Covid and completely depleted before starting to work with Moira. My energy and cognitive capacity was at about 20% of my usual capacity and I was really, really struggling. Now I'm so much better on many fronts. We have resolved my gut issues and nausea and shored up my immune system. I feel confident that the basics are firmly in place and I am now eating the right things. I have good habits in place that work for me as a busy single parent. I'm free from all cravings so feel in control of my eating and confident about getting in to ketosis to further improve my energy as a next step. For me, it wasn't just about getting back to normal functioning now, the info and strategies I've acquired will stay with me for a lifetime and I have no doubt I will be more resilient and stronger in my older age."
Natalie Bear

"I came to Moira with very poor health. I had fatigue, loss of energy, dizziness, tinnitus, hoarseness & loss of balance. I was desperate for help to recover & get my life back on track. I found it very easy to put Moira’s advice into practice, and despite a setback, with her support and encouragement, I managed to get back on track. I feel 100% better than I did when I first consulted Moira. I found that the combination of nutritional therapy and wellbeing coaching worked very well in my case. The nutritional therapy was great for ensuring that the body was working to the best of its ability & the coaching gave me the insight to reflect on my life, where I want to be in the future and the steps needed to make it happen."
Helen Fulton


“I liked working with Moira. I knew I needed the help to cut through all the conflicting nutritional advice out there, and that’s exactly what I got. Moira would do her research to make sure everything recommended was grounded in robust thinking. But the recommendations were all straightforward and it was a wonderful reminder that simple things can make a big difference.”

Murray Cox

“I chose to work with Moira was because I had been feeling more fatigued than usual for a few months, my sleep was disturbed and my memory felt affected.  I did however feel a little apprehensive about the work because I knew I would have to make changes to my diet, namely give up sugar. I also had fears about feeling hungry and going through cravings. I have to say that didn’t happen to me and Moira gave me lots of ideas to help with these concerns. I chose a 3 month package because I know changes take time to embed. It helped keep me accountable, to stay on track and to build confidence about the food choices particularly when not at home. I now feel much brighter, healthier and clearer in my head. My sleep has improved and my energy levels are usually great now."

Mairi Stones

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