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Keto Diet Foods - Moira Newiss - Nutrition

Welcome to
The Energy Reboot Expert

Nutrition science made simple

Sound familiar?

You sometimes wonder what happened, how did you get to this point?

You feel like your brain has been drugged and you are moving in a fog?

You have put on weight and are finding it really hard to shift.

Your mind is constantly on the go with unhelpful thoughts exhausting you mentally?

You look in the mirror and don't recognise yourself.

You've simply hit rock bottom and you are on the couch unable to do the housework, look after your kids and do your job?

You're struggling with debilitating symptoms like sleep problems, pain, brain fog, low mood, anxiousness, gut problems like IBS, blood sugar balance, thyroid and hormonal issues?

How did I end up feeling like this?

It is possible to feel amazing, have a clear and calm mind, have more energy than you thought was possible. You can reach your ideal goal weight and wear the clothes you want to, have glowing skin, never have to worry about bloating, diarrhoea or constipation again!

I can help you reboot your energy, regain your health & transform your life!

Find the solution

Now is the time to invest in your health and wellbeing and find the solution that works for you.


Using nutrition and lifestyle changes that are scientifically validated and coaching techniques I can help you start your journey back to health today.

I am Moira Newiss, a Registered Nutritional Therapist, Sports Nutritionist and Wellbeing Coach.


Whether you have a fatigue condition like ME/CFS or Long Covid, a metabolic health problem like diabetes or heart disease, an autoimmune disease or you have a mental health condition I can help you try to put any of these into remission using nutrition and other lifestyle strategies.

I can help you begin a new chapter of life with improved health and well-being by helping you to find the magic formula that works for you.

You need to understand how diet affects your health, which foods will make the biggest impact, a specific plan to get you started and coaching to help you ensure success.

About Me

I am Moira Newiss, a Registered Nutritional Therapist and Wellbeing Coach and I have resolved my own health issues including chronic fatigue, anxiety, depersonalisation and an autoimmune condition.


I have done this by understanding the science of nutrition and stressI use a lower carbohydrate and sometimes very low carbohydrate (ketogenic) or carnivore diets to help reverse the root causes which include stabilising blood sugar, balancing hormones, healing the gut and eliminating food sensitivities. 

A chronic condition does not mean you have to accept it for life.

Moira Newiss - Nutrition - The Energy Reboot Expert

Areas I Specialise In

ME/CFS & Long Covid

Understanding the key energy pathways in the body and how nutrition can optimise them is the key to getting rid of fatigue and brain fog.

Heart Disease & Diabetes

If you haven’t heard of insulin resistance then you need to know more about it and how reversing it can put these conditions into remission.

Metabolic Mental Health

Many mental health problems have problems with brain inflammation and glucose control at their core and the right nutrition is key.

Autoimmune Disease

Autoimmune Disease

One of the key root causes is leaky gut, the right diet can help to heal the gut and calm down inflammation and rebalance the immune system.

Happy & Healthy Clients

I had been struggling with Fibromyalgia and all its symptoms, I was very tired, in physical pain all over my body, I had brain fog and was at the end of my tether. Moira is very knowledgeable on many elements of physical well-being, diet and a lot more. She guided me onto a lower carb diet as well as several other changes, checked thyroid function and other blood results. I was given meal ideas and a comprehensive breakdown of what to do next. Finally, my overall health and wellbeing has improved dramatically. It was not an easy journey, but one that has taken me to a place in my life that was not imaginable. I know that Moira is there should I need her again in the future.


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