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  • Are you super busy and feeling overwhelmed?

  • Are you struggling to cope with everyday activities?

  • Does your body mind feel totally exhausted?

  • Is your mind whizzing on superspeed leaving you anxious?

  • Do you have trouble concentrating?

  • Do you wish you could sleep better and wake feeling refreshed?

  • Does your brain feel like it is in a fog?

  • Do you feel like you are removed from reality and just watching life but not playing a part in it?

  • Are you fed up being told it is all in your head?

  • Is pain a constant part of your life from headaches to back pain,  muscles and joint pain?

  • Do you feel like you are not the person you once were?

Do you want to regain YOUR ENERGY and YOUR LIFE?

What are you waiting for? If you always do what you always did then you are likely to keep feeling the same or worse as you do now. If you want a different outcome you need to change direction and make a choice to head towards your new health goal. Take action now to avoid burnout or chronic fatigue.

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Your Energy Reboot 

Starts Today

I help busy professionals who are struggling with burnout and chronic fatigue to improve their energy and get their life back.

If you are tired all the time, feel overwhelmed, constantly anxious,  have brain fog or difficulty concentrating or remembering things, irritable bowel, headaches or muscle aches and pains, feel detached from the world around you and despair about how to get your life back, then you maybe at risk of or suffering from burnout.


There are simple steps you can take today to start to reclaim your energy. I can help you achieve your goal by coaching you with a personalised nutrition and lifestyle plan which we develop together.

What is Fatigue?

Fatigue is more than just being tired. If you are tired you go to bed, get some sleep and wake up feeling refreshed. But fatigue is there when you wake up, it stays with you all day, it is a lack of energy and a feeling of complete mental, emotional and physical exhaustion.

Why Do We Want More Energy?

"The higher your energy level, the more efficient your body. The more efficient your body, the better you feel and the more you will use your talent to produce outstanding results"


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Sleep problems, stress, poor diet, too much or too little exercise and the environment we live and work in can all affect our energy production pathways. 

Mental, emotional, but also physical and environmental stressors all add to the cummulative stress load we place on our bodies. The total load we can cope with varies by individual and how we respond to this load is known as resilience.

Stress can be positive, like the excitement we get competing in a sporting event or getting married. But this should be short lived and  if instead it becomes an ongoing stressful situation eventually we reach exhaustion stage and the body has lost its energy reserves to combat it.

Exhaustion and tiredness are so common that doctors have their own acronym for it TATT (Tired All The Time). 50% of people consulting their GP for chronic fatigue find it is still unresolved one year later. This is partly because it can be difficult to find the root cause in a short consultation and often with blood test results which are normal.


Fixing the body’s energy creation processes cannot easily be done by taking a medicine or supplement. Fatigue is complicated, with multi-factorial root causes and to resolve it you often need to layer up different strategies to get long term improvements in energy.

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Burnout and chronic fatigue are protective mechanisms sending our body into a survival mode.  To get your energy back you need to signal to the body that you are safe, that the period of hibernation is coming to an end and you need to reset your body systems so that they are in balance again.

Your energy is created inside the individual cells in your body by organelles called mitochondria, often called our ‘powerhouses’. The mitochondria make our energy in a fascinatingly complicated process using the nutrients that are circulated from our blood stream (after being digested and absorbed from our food) and oxygen  from our blood coming from our lungs. They work extremely quickly and are very sensitive to changes in their environment that they can be compared to canaries in the coal mine.

But mitochondria also have a second role in cellular defence, something called our cell danger response. The problem is that they prioritise this defence mode over energy production as they cannot do both at the same time and they see defence mode as more crucial for our survival.


When the mitochondria sense a problem in their environment, they send out signals to their cells to tell them to change their mission from their normal daily functions promoting health and producing energy and instead move them into defence mode.


When we start to burnout out and experience chronic fatigue it is because our mitochondria are moving from energy production into cellular defence mode.

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As a nutritional therapist and lifestyle coach I can help you to bounce back from burn out, being tired all the time, anxious and unhappy to performing at your best, juggling a busy life with purpose,  pursuing your dreams and living your best life while still being able to enjoy a glass of wine, a perfectly ground coffee and a pleasurable meal out with friends and colleagues.

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About Moira...

I  experienced burnout, anxiety and chronic fatigue whilst pursuing a career as a senior manager and a business owner,  and although I was 40 when I reached that point, looking back my energy levels hadn't been great for a long time.


I reached a point of no return finding myself on the sofa every afternoon and struggling to look after my children let alone do the high level job I was supposed to be good at.


I was determined to get my energy back and as I learned more and started feeling better I was fascinated by what I discovered about how our body makes energy and what affects it positively and negatively.


 I found that nutrition and lifestyle changes were the golden key to rebooting my energy. Along the way I made a career change and retrained as a nutritional therapist. I became passionate about helping other people to understand why their energy was so poor, why they were burning out and what to do to resolve it.

I am now the best version of myself. I  regained  the energy from my teenage years, calmed my mind, and felt my energy performance soar so much that I can now compete in competitive cycling events. 


I have dedicated my life to using the power of food and lifestyle to help YOU and people like you, to reboot YOUR energy.


 I would LOVE to help you. Please text me on 07709014479 or use the contact form below. to find out how to get started


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“I came to Moira looking for help with low energy and what felt like roller coaster blood sugar levels. I thought my diet was healthy ... however it became clear I had fallen into a trap  of repetition! Moira helped me to up the variety of fruit and veg in my diet and ... I’m reaping the benefits of these changes.” Christina

"I found Moira to be very approachable and I felt at ease talking to her about my problems. One of the seemingly simplest of tips had a huge impact on my health! I am so grateful for her help and it has given me the confidence to manage my own health which is such a vital life skill." Rosy

“I liked working with Moira. I knew I needed the help to cut through all the conflicting nutritional advice out there, and that’s exactly what I got. Moira would do her research to make sure everything recommended was grounded in robust thinking. But the recommendations were all straightforward and it was a wonderful reminder that simple things can make a big difference. ” Murray Cox

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"Let food by thy medicine, let medicine be thy food" Hippocrates

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