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Easy Meal Ideas & Shopping List 
For Extreme Fatigue

Do you feel completely an utterly exhausted? Every single day? Like something has hit you and crushed you? If that sounds like you then here is an ebook designed especially for you, it is all about food for severe fatigue.


This ebook provides you with a 5-day meal plan, a shopping list, 3 easy recipes and some great tips to help you start to reboot your energy.

None of these meals requires you to cook and there are some super easy go to options for when you are having a really bad day.


If you don't do the shopping yourself then you can share this with who ever helps you out so that they can can help get you some great energy foods.

The meal plan is designed to get you the nutrients you need in simple meals to help your body start to make more energy and get you to a place when you can begin to do more meal prep and cooking again.

It is designed for you if you are suffering with severe fatigue and struggling with every day tasks such as cooking and meal preparation.

Just fill in your email address and you will be sent the link to download direct.

East Meal Ideas Cover
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