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NEW Podcast
The Energy Reboot Expert

Coming Soon!

I’m launching a groundbreaking podcast that explores the inspiring and transformative stories of individuals battling with chronic fatigue who have used a ketogenic diet as part of their health journey.

I will explore the experiences of those who have found relief and improvements in their health through lifestyle changes including use of a ketogenic diet. It will share real-life narratives, the emotional and physical challenges and how individuals have nativagated their way to help improve their energy levels.

We will touch on the science behind why a ketogenic diet might be helpful but also look at other factors including stress management, energy pacing, immersion in nature, community support and other lifestyle factors which have helped too.

I would love to hear from you if you are willing to share your story about chronic fatigue and have used a ketogenic diet to help you. Please get in touch!

In the meantime...

Why not listen to my interview with Jackie on the @fabulouslyketo1 podcast where I explained my fascination with mitochondria. I talked about how they control energy production and metabolic function and in turn how a ketogenic diet can make them work more effectively producing less inflammation and more ATP, our energy fuel. I also share my own story and recovery from chronic fatigue and a ketogenic diet made a huge difference to allow me to finally get back my missing energy.

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