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The Long Covid Protocol

To get a copy of my own personal Long Covid Protocol please just fill in your contact details and you will be sent the link to download direct.

The protocol tells you exactly what I would do if I was suffering with Long Covid. It gives you a checklist of actions for the 6 key areas which I think are most important.


This is my starting point and it focuses on the key areas of energy production, immune and nervous system health, reducing inflammation, moving your body gently and syncing your body clock. No matter what my exact symptoms were I would go back to basics and do this first.


In reality I would build the protocol up further depending on whether I had gut problems, nerve pain, brain fog or blood clotting problems etc...

Having a checklist is really handy because if I am not feeling right I find it can be hard to focus on what is best to do. This way I am prepared so that I can pin it up on the wall and pick off the things I know will make a difference.

This checklist is designed to send the right signals to my body that all is well to help my body systems work optimally to regain my energy. I hope you find it helpful too to create your own checklist. What you really need is to know you are doing the right thing!

Just fill in your email address and you will be sent the link to download direct.

The Long Covid Protocol Checklist
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