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'The 5 Signs of Professional Burnout & 5 Simple Strategies That You Can Implement Today'.

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  • Are you super busy and feeling overwhelmed?

  • Are you struggling to cope with every day activities?

  • Does you body and mind feel totally exhausted?

  • Is your mind whizzing on superspeed leaving you anxious and with trouble concentrating?

  • Do you wish you could sleep better and awake refreshed?

  • Does your brain feel like it has been drugged or that you are stuck in a swirling fog removed from reality?

  • Are you fed up being told it is all in your head or that you should just pull yourself together?

  • Do you feel like you are not the person you once were?

  • Do you want SIMPLE STRATEGIES to get YOUR ENERGY & your LIFE back again?

Then this is for YOU. This will kick start YOUR ENERGY REBOOT.

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  • Imagine a time when you felt at your BEST and were bursting with ENERGY.

  • Imagine understanding why you feel like you do and how to start RESOLVING it.

  • Imagine you have the tools to  RECLAIM your life.

  • imagine that you are looking forward to a HAPPY, FULFILLING, ENERGETIC and PURPOSE DRIVEN life.

Do you struggle to get out of bed, rely on coffee and cake to keep you going, sit down for 10 hours a day, wind down with a glass of wine ,  and check your emails and scroll through media on your phone before bed?


It doesn't mean you are a bad person, just that you are human and coping with life the way most people do.

Join the Club, it comprises millions of us!

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'The 5 Signs of Professional Burnout & 5 Simple Strategies That You Can Implement Today'.

Download my free ebook.


I’m reaping the benefits of these simple changes. 
I’d recommend  this to anyone wishing to optimise their health to better suit a busy

One of the seemingly simplest of tips had a huge impact on my health and although some of the advice was common sense, having it explained to me I made progress that I would not have been able to make on my own. 

These strategies are what I use every day to keep me in balance and avoid me going back down the slippery slop of burnout and fatigue.

'The 5 Signs of Professional Burnout & 5 Simple Strategies That You Can Implement Today'.

Download my free ebook.


I  experienced burnout, anxiety and severe fatigue whilst pursuing a career as a senior manager and a business owner,  and although I was 40 when I reached that point, looking back my energy levels hadn't been great for a long time.

I reached a point of no return finding myself on the sofa every afternoon and struggling to look after my children let alone do the high level job I was supposed to be good at.


I was determined to get my energy back and as I learned more and started feeling better I was fascinated by what I discovered about how our body makes energy and what affects it positively and negatively.


 I found that nutrition and lifestyle changes were the golden key to rebooting my energy. Along the way I made a career change and retrained as a nutritional therapist. I became passionate about helping other people understand why their energy was so poor, why they were burning out and what to do to resolve it.

I am now the best version of myself. I  regained  the energy from my teenage years, calmed my mind, and felt my performance soar. I now  run two business, compete in competitive cycling events, climb mountains, swim in the sea and spend plenty of time with my husband and children doing the things we love. My life is energic, happy, fulfilling and purposeful.

Moira Newiss, BANT Registered Nutritional Therapist, DipION