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Front Page Energy Reboot Recipe Book


In the book are some of my secret recipes that helped me get back 100% of my energy and feel like a teenager again after having had burnout and chronic fatigue.
Eating the rights foods was key in my recovery and is the foundation to start to restore your energy.



Do you feel your energy has hit rock bottom? Are you struggling just to keep going? Do you simply feel overwhelmed both physically and mentally? Does your brain feel like you are drugged or in a perpetual fog? Is fatigue constant and seriously affecting your life?


Do you want your energy back?

My new recipe ebook helps you quite simply to Fix Your Fatigue. It explains the basis of energy production, how food affects it and how eating the right foods can make a huge difference.

You get tips on going low carbohydrate or keto plus 29 recipes with carb counts included to make life easy. Plus some simple Dos and DONTs to help you make the best choices.

It is designed so that you get the nutrients you need to make energy in the optimal amounts to help you rest your energy production.

These are recipes I have used with my clients with great results. Here is what Mairi Stones said,

"I now feel much brighter, healthier and clearer in my head. My sleep has improved and my energy levels are great now."

In fact my clients have often doubled or even tripled their energy within a few weeks of changing their diet.

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