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Hello I'm Moira The Energy Reboot Expert

Do you feel like fatigue is crippling you? That this has become the new norm and you are not the person you once were? Are you experiencing brain fog, struggling to hold a conversation, can’t concentrate on anything and feel detached from the world around you? Is the couch where you spend your time and perhaps you feel dizzy or fainting on standing or trying to walk. Your heart beats more rapidly than it should and your mind is spinning on superspeed. Would you like to sleep better, wake refreshed, with a calm and clear mind and the energy to enjoy life again?

I am a Registered Nutritional Therapist and Wellbeing Coach and I specialise in helping men and women with or without a diagnosis of chronic fatigue syndrome or long covid to regain their energy through a combination of nutrition and other lifestyle changes. Chronic fatigue is not for life, you can fully recover like me and my son. I can support you to understand what has gone wrong with your energy production and how to reboot it to get your energy back and your life on track again.

I use a food first approach to make sure you are nourishing your body as much as possible through your diet, adding in nutritional supplements if needed. I also support you to make changes in other aspects of your life such as sleep, stress, time spent outdoors, chemicals you might be exposed to as well as supporting relaxation and joy in your life. I find this holistic approach provides the best results as we layer up small changes until you get a significant change in how you feel.

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Find out how I can help you to transform you life and reboot your energy. It can feel like you don't know what to do next and like there are no answers. I am here to guide you on your journey back to health.

Why I Am The Right Practitioner For You ...

I  experienced chronic fatigue, anxiety and debilitating brain fog whilst pursuing a career as a senior manager in the NHS. After battling on for a while I eventually reached a point of no return finding myself on the sofa every afternoon and struggling to look after my children, unable to cook the dinner or do the cleaning and no longer able to do my job effectively. I felt detached like the world was going on around me, like the life had been drained out of me, I felt useless and a burden on my family. All my tests were normal and my GP couldn't help me.

unately, and maybe partly as a result of my illness, my son (aged 8) developed chronic fatigue syndrome along with the classic symptoms of POTS such as dizziness and brain fog, he too ended up in bed many days and ended up missing months of school. 

With little advice or expertise available on the NHS I did my own research and put it into practice. As I regained my energy I became fascinated about how we make our energy, what can go wrong with it and what we can do to get it back again. Along the way I changed career and retrained as a nutritional therapist and now I use my knowledge and passion to help others to beat chronic fatigue and get their energy back.

I hope my story gives you hope that it is possible to recover. We are both fully well again and we love our sport. I climb mountains and cycle and my son plays in his local football league. Not only did I get rid of all my symptoms but my energy was higher than before I got ill!


Image of Moira Newiss

I'm lucky to live on the beautiful west coast of Scotland where I have a huge garden and grow a lot of fruit and vegetables. I love to cycle, to swim in the sea and watch our local wildlife like otters and red squirrels. I am also a real foodie, I love creating delicious dishes and I am very passionate about food can support our health and wellbeing.


I am a member of the British Association for Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine (BANT), registered with the Complementary & Healthcare Council (CNHC) and an Associate Member of The Chrysalis Effect who support people with chronic fatigue and an ambassador for the Public Health Collaborative.


What My Clients Say About Me..

“I came to Moira looking for help with low energy and what felt like roller coaster blood sugar levels. I thought my diet was healthy ... however it became clear I had fallen into a trap  of repetition! Moira helped me to up the variety of fruit and veg in my diet and ... I’m reaping the benefits of these changes.” Christina

My fatigue and bloating was becoming quite debilitating. After working with Moira my energy levels are higher and more importantly I only occasionally suffer with abdominal pain and bloating which is a great relief. I was really grateful for Moira’s flexibility and gentle approach and that she understood when I didn't always follow her advice to the letter and she didn't say 'I told you so' when I finally did as she suggested and it helped!"  Gillian Campbell

“I liked working with Moira. I knew I needed the help to cut through all the conflicting nutritional advice out there, and that’s exactly what I got. Moira would do her research to make sure everything recommended was grounded in robust thinking. But the recommendations were all straightforward and it was a wonderful reminder that simple things can make a big difference. ” Murray Cox

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